Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party

The Saudi Arabia of Feminism

Say ‘No’ to an Assange – led party

We reject a Wikileaks Party that is led by an activist with well-publicised anti-woman views. Recent statements by Julian Assange backing US politicians with fundamentalist stances on abortion and other … Continue reading

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WA Senate Election: Preferencing the Greens highly does not mean a party is principled

This time around, the Wikileaks Party is being careful not to reproduce its federal election ‘own goal’ of preferencing small, ultra-rightwing parties too highly, or being perceived as reneging on … Continue reading

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Assange upholds pro-rape ideas

Over a period of years, Assange has both personally expressed ideas which vilify feminism and Sweden’s limited anti-rape laws, and has paid lawyers to assert that rape is not rape. … Continue reading

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Assange’s endorsement of anti – woman politicians

In addition to the Wikileaks Party’s preferencing, it is marked that none of its candidates have publicly criticised the recent endorsement by Julian Assange of US right-wing Christian politicians Ron … Continue reading

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Anti-woman preferencing decisions

Since the Wikileaks Party submitted its Federal Election voting preferences, it has come under heavy criticism from left activists for potentially leading to a Coalition-dominated Senate, and for giving high … Continue reading

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