Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party

The Saudi Arabia of Feminism

Say ‘No’ to an Assange – led party

We reject a Wikileaks Party that is led by an activist with well-publicised anti-woman views.

Recent statements by Julian Assange backing US politicians with fundamentalist stances on abortion and other women’s rights are no stunning departure from his promotion, over a period of years, of pro-rape ideas.

They also dovetail with the recent choice by the Wikileaks Party to give a high preference to ultra-right-wing parties, while choosing an electoral platform that is silent on women’s rights. It seems that the Wikileaks Party finds women a political inconvenience to dealing with the ‘more serious’ issues.

The Wikileaks Party makes this claim about its ‘values’:

The WikiLeaks Party stands for unswerving commitment to the core principles of civic courage nourished by understanding and truthfulness and the free flow of information.

It is a party that will practise in politics what WikiLeaks has done in the field of information by standing up to the powerful and shining a light on injustice and corruption.

Every candidate in this Party is, by choosing to be led by Assange, effectively endorsing his views. Even those who have in the past criticised some of these views have gone silent. Some may, if pushed, point to their past statements which involved a an exercise of conscience, but in the lead-up to this election they will devote no energy to promoting a pro-woman stance.

We see here an enthusiasm for public discourse on only some matters; for the securing of rights only for some. For electoral ambitions over all else. We see no intention of disrupting the current power arrangements which make women especially targetted by rape and in which so many have no control over their own bodies and lives.

We ask all supporters of women to publicise this information and promote wide discussion of the importance of ending the political hopes of this electoral formation. Imagine a continuation of this party beyond this election – what this will mean for a new generation being taught that Assange’s vilification of Sweden’s modest anti-rape laws is admirable. What it will mean for the potential of the massive onslaught on the reproductive freedoms of US women to affect Australian women, many of whom already lack adequate access to abortion.

No to an Assange-led Wikileaks Party!  Women matter!


One comment on “Say ‘No’ to an Assange – led party

  1. STEF
    September 10, 2013

    Jezebel has some articles detailing more about this

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