Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party

The Saudi Arabia of Feminism

WA Senate Election: Preferencing the Greens highly does not mean a party is principled

This time around, the Wikileaks Party is being careful not to reproduce its federal election ‘own goal’ of preferencing small, ultra-rightwing parties too highly, or being perceived as reneging on a preferencing deal with the WA Greens’ lead candidate, Scott Ludlam.


But the Wikileaks Party has yet to distance itself from Julian Assange’s proclaimed support for rightwing, anti-woman US politicians Ron and Rand Paul, or from Assange’s anti-woman views.


It has continued to use Assange to promote itself.


Indeed, it was notable for intending to use Assange as its lead WA Senate candidate in 2014, until being prevented by the AEC.


This means that the Wikileaks Party, via occupying public space if not Senate seats, continues normalising the political party practice of providing de facto defence to misogynists and accused rapists, via making them one’s preferred senate candidate.


It means that the Wikileaks Party normalises the practice of asserting that the misogynist views of Assange are congruent with its stated value of ‘justice’.


While we’d say the dangers of the party’s ongoing existence are greater than its chances of being elected, we also advise caution about assuming it can be safely preferenced without giving it a seat.  Blogger Terence Huynh notes that ‘the Wikileaks Party have managed to get the number one position on the Senate ballot paper – which almost guarantees the party getting more votes in this election because of people deciding to donkey vote’.


This party has now established a clear practice of endorsing, by silence, Assange’s vilification of Sweden’s modest anti-rape laws. Of being generally silent on women’s rights, except for Assange’s endorsement of anti-abortion politicians, while women around the world face increasing difficulty in accessing abortion.


Say no to an Assange-led Wikileaks Party!  Women matter!



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